Saturday, January 24, 2015

Jamerz Iron Head Hardtail Update

As you can see (below pics) the disassembly has already taken place, and the Lowbrow hardtail is being installed, lots more to do. Very exciting to see Jamerz learn mechanics, welding and fabricating as each step takes place in the building process of his first chopper.

Kick start only and will stay that way. Not bad for a first bike. After diving in to the motorcycle fabrication sub-culture, he has decided for a particular look to his project, which includes a lot of 70's style chopper parts.

The Lowbrow David Bird hardtail piece is really easy to install. Hack off the fender strut mounts with a sawzall and grind a few places and its on. We are going to throw it in the frame jig to check for straightness but it looks really good just as it sets! Cant wait to start the pre-assembly process. As a builder, the mock-up is my favorite part. This is where it all comes together, from all the drawings on pieces of paper and saved screen shots of Instagram pics that inspire, the hours of looking at it and discussing different options, the mock-up brings it all to life.
Its getting a chopper fuel and oil tank, 6" over tubes and a King/Queen seat. All with a kick only Iron Head! Now thats 70's chopper stuff right there. More to come.

Monday, December 8, 2014

New "Builtnotbaught" shop equipment/tools

Recently took the time to build a couple assets to the shop. GarageWrench is in a garage, its 30'x30' and full. Needed to condense things to come up with much needed bench space taken up by grinders and welders, so here's what we came up with;

Ultra expensive welding fixture (there is talk in the blogosphere that Jesse James would like to purchase this particular fixture, well its not for sale popeofwelding!)

Welding, plasma and torching station. Its completely mobile, extension cord for the 220V is long enough to not only roll anywhere in the shop, but reach 10' into the driveway. 

Back side, gas tanks strapped in nice and safe. The PVC tubes hold filler rods.

4" casters

Tig welder, plasma cutter side by side, bottom shelf for stuff.

Vise compliments of the Orient, table brakes on both sides. Every hose and cord has its own hanger.

Air hose manifold directs air for tooling and plasma. The overhang on the backsplash is where all the welding clamps attach.

110 Volts

Both machines use the same 220V outlet, has a 25" cord rolled up on the side.

3 grinders taking up bench space. Ever build an engine on the same bench as yer grinder? I did it for years, what a pain.

So here is the grinder Lazy Susan. Made from and old air press and some scrap metal.

Mounted 2 grinders and a belt/disc sander.

Has a locking pin for all three positions.

There is our space saving shop equipment ideas. Yer more than welcome to steal them for yourself.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Brooklyn Invitational 2014

One more highlite to my summer this year was riding to Brooklyn with my bro Smooth and attending the 2014 Brooklyn Invitational Bike Show. Rode the 644 miles there on Friday, stayed in Brooklyn for two nights, rode the 640 home on Sunday. While there had a chance to ride the subway from Brooklyn to Manhattan and see the Freedom Tower and World Trade Center Memorial.

The BI show was off the hook! The Invited builders bikes was just to much! It was worth the ride there to just take in all the detail on those machines, but the street was just amazing. We was there for a few hours and never was tired looking at choppers. The hand made parts, subtle detail, paint (or lack of), open belt drives and foot clutches, custom bars, bob's or chopper tanks...... on and on.

I took around one hundred pic's, here are a few of my favs. Hope you enjoy. I just need to shout out to my brother Cochise for lending me his 2006 FLHT, my Shovelhead developed a cold engine noise and I did not want to push it, so my bro stepped up, thanks and I LOVE you very much!

Iron Mustangs do not get lost on NY subways. Or do they?
Myself and Smooth (should have done the duck lip thing)

Freedom Tower


Shot from the end of the street where the Brooklyn Invitational was held.

You see this from anywhere in and around the city.

Ok, lets go inside and see the invited the builder machines,

Iron Head, check out that stainless exhaust work.

Fancy smanchcy master cylinder

Not just "another Knuckle with Springer"

Secret message

Love the clutch linkage

Swingarm Chopper


Its in the details

Love the open belt look

Its really in the detail

The "#1" was set into the tank about 1/2"

Very clean

So much you can do with a open belt and foot clutch

Lots of these in the streets of Brooklyn


Check out the sheet metal detail

Clutch and peg, outstanding!


Nothing like a flathead, or two

Oil and dirt!

For sale!

Keep looking at this Shovel and you will see more and more detail!

Tail lights

Chopper Paint

Another awesome foot clutch

Nice metal work!

Ok, lets roll inside to see the invite builders

Paul Cox

This Knuckle was my second Favorite there, the next bike was my pick for best in show

Scott "T Bone" Jones just nailed it with this Shovelhead, well done Noise Cycle, well done.

Anyone seen this gem from 4Q before?

Looks well ridden, just has a certain character to it, well done Max Schaaf.

Yep, water cooled Knucklehead!

Another cool foot clutch!

Just look at the detail in that 

Well done Mr Cox! I hear this Iron is for sale?

Mr Tom Fugle, thanks for sharing sir.

Well thats it from our little three day trip to New York, hope you like it as much as I did, would love to have had more time to see the city, what a awesome experience it was.