Monday, December 8, 2014

New "Builtnotbaught" shop equipment/tools

Recently took the time to build a couple assets to the shop. GarageWrench is in a garage, its 30'x30' and full. Needed to condense things to come up with much needed bench space taken up by grinders and welders, so here's what we came up with;

Ultra expensive welding fixture (there is talk in the blogosphere that Jesse James would like to purchase this particular fixture, well its not for sale popeofwelding!)

Welding, plasma and torching station. Its completely mobile, extension cord for the 220V is long enough to not only roll anywhere in the shop, but reach 10' into the driveway. 

Back side, gas tanks strapped in nice and safe. The PVC tubes hold filler rods.

4" casters

Tig welder, plasma cutter side by side, bottom shelf for stuff.

Vise compliments of the Orient, table brakes on both sides. Every hose and cord has its own hanger.

Air hose manifold directs air for tooling and plasma. The overhang on the backsplash is where all the welding clamps attach.

110 Volts

Both machines use the same 220V outlet, has a 25" cord rolled up on the side.

3 grinders taking up bench space. Ever build an engine on the same bench as yer grinder? I did it for years, what a pain.

So here is the grinder Lazy Susan. Made from and old air press and some scrap metal.

Mounted 2 grinders and a belt/disc sander.

Has a locking pin for all three positions.

There is our space saving shop equipment ideas. Yer more than welcome to steal them for yourself.

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