Saturday, January 24, 2015

Jamerz Iron Head Hardtail Update

As you can see (below pics) the disassembly has already taken place, and the Lowbrow hardtail is being installed, lots more to do. Very exciting to see Jamerz learn mechanics, welding and fabricating as each step takes place in the building process of his first chopper.

Kick start only and will stay that way. Not bad for a first bike. After diving in to the motorcycle fabrication sub-culture, he has decided for a particular look to his project, which includes a lot of 70's style chopper parts.

The Lowbrow David Bird hardtail piece is really easy to install. Hack off the fender strut mounts with a sawzall and grind a few places and its on. We are going to throw it in the frame jig to check for straightness but it looks really good just as it sets! Cant wait to start the pre-assembly process. As a builder, the mock-up is my favorite part. This is where it all comes together, from all the drawings on pieces of paper and saved screen shots of Instagram pics that inspire, the hours of looking at it and discussing different options, the mock-up brings it all to life.
Its getting a chopper fuel and oil tank, 6" over tubes and a King/Queen seat. All with a kick only Iron Head! Now thats 70's chopper stuff right there. More to come.

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