Sunday, October 6, 2013

Boring Shovelhead Cylinders

Shovelhead 3 7/16, +.030 over cylinders to be bored. The front cylinder had a piston lock up in the cylinder!!

Was not sure if I could clean this one up on the old Kwik Way FN, but that old machine come thru once again.

We was able to take out only .015 to completely clean up the bore and salvage the cylinders with a set of +.050 over pistons.
Note the use of the boring plates on top and bottom of these iron cylinders. When they come of the Kwik Way, after two types of cuts, rough and fine, they go to the Goodson/Sunnen tank in the same torque plates for another three step honing process thats takes them to within +/- .0001-.0004 of being completely round from top to bottom. The torque plates allow this measurement to remain exactly the same when set between the cases and heads and torqued. 

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