Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Early GarageWrench Builds

This was my first Harley, 1963 Panhead I purchased when I was sixteen years old as a basket case for $900. These pic's are the third of four versions of this Pan, the first had a rat look to it and it was my ride to my senior year of high school. Yep, Chopper Pan to 12th grade!

This was my very first full blown custom that I was commissioned to build, can't remember the year, sometime in the mid to late 80's. It started out as a 1974 FXE and the customer, who is my brother in-law, give me liberty with the vision on this build. When completed, it was a daily rider. Thanks to Mike "ChiChi" Leach for the chance to get my name out there.

This was also one of my early builds, 1976 FXE that went thru several phases before and after these pic's. This version was from the early 90's. Thanks to my brother Angelo for trusting in me to wrench his "Iron Mistress".

Just wanted to share. There was so many that came out of that Garage thru the years, but very few pictures. Things are diffrent with a camera in yer pocket, there are to many pic's, back then it was a bit of a hassle to take the pic with that big ass camera, then off to get it developed, and all time consuming and costly. Maybe I can talk my ol'e lady into going thru the 20 or so shoe boxes' of pictures in the closet and pull out some of those golden nugget's and post them.

Merry CHRISTmas to all and we hope 2014 brings in some blessings for ya here at GarageWrench!

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