Friday, July 4, 2014

Born Free 6

I believe with all my heart that life has a purpose. All of life. If you are blessed enough to find that place, that purpose where your talents and gifts run down the same vain, you will be a catalyst for others to live life to the full and help, not hinder the flow of living in the midst of this chaos around us.

What I just described above I believe I seen at Born Free  6 lived out in others. Weather a builder or spectator, there was a continuity between art, machine and life. Where builders inspire others, dreams are formed, and life takes on a whole new meaning. I am a builder, also a spectator, and I am inspired by what took place on the hollowed ground on Santiago Canyon Road June 28-29 of 2014. A pilgrimage of sorts, to search for the elements to create in us all a sense of purpose and reason to keep pushing through all the resistance that this world can throw at us and build motorcycles. But not just any motorcycle.

Below are some pic's that I hope will inspire all you.

Just a few examples from the thousands that we seen over the weekend. Hope you enjoy them.

Personal note; this is Ruthie (Mrs GarageWrench) my lovely wife. Born Free 6 was the first vacation we had sense 2005 together (well needed). We flew into Las Vegas and rented a 2014 FLHT at the HD dealer and rode to BF6. We also had the opportunity to take a ride to the ocean and experience the Coast Highway 1, see some of southern California and Las Vegas. But the highlight for us was the BF6 experience. What a great show with some beautiful people. Hope to return. 

Now we have much work to do at GarageWrench, Peace and Grace.


  1. I bet that was a beautiful ride. Great pics man.

    1. Thank you Sam, Sol Cal is a good place to be on a motorcycle!