Monday, May 26, 2014

69 FL, Heart & History

This is a 1969 Police Special FL that I had the privilege to restore for my brother Billy Canfield a couple years ago. It returned to me to for some maintenance over the winter, and Billy ask me to keep it and put some miles on it, and I have gladly done so! 

It never fails at every stop, red light, gas station and so on that somebody has a story of there grand dad, father or uncle that rode "an old Harley just like that". These old bikes bring back fond memories for most people. You just don't get that kind of response from other bikes. It really is a special piece of history, not just the past but also from the heart, its more than a "motorcycle memory", its about your history, your past and what you are. 

This bike is special to me for several reasons that would take way to long to list. As a builder these old Harley's can be a blessing as well as a curse! It takes lots of time and patience to build an old bike, much less restore one, and this 69 was a real test for me in many ways. I hope all builders go through it, the one's that make you almost give up, the one's that cost you more than your customer. It somehow forms the real man inside that God made you to be, you must persevere to prevail.

Im thankful for the test, and very proud, in a humble way, of the results.

And yes, it feel bad ass to ride this 69!!

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