Monday, May 26, 2014

73 FLH Daily Rider

This is my 1973 FLH. Andrews A2 cam, Forged +.040 9.1 to 1 pistons, oversize valves on nickel seats at 3 angle, S&S connecting rods, oil pump and Super "E" carb. The trans is all Andrews. The sissy bar and handle bars are GarageWrench, the Pillion Pad is from Haifley Brothers. 

Its a very cool daily rider. If you look directly from the front, all you see is the bat wing, no bars and mirrors. The bike is sound and tight. That 74 inch Shovelhead is solid, and a runner.

Thats the summer of 2014 version, and I'm sure its going to see some changes in the future. 

Stay Tuned!!

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