Monday, May 26, 2014

Dyna Bobber Flag Ship

This is my personal 2002 FXDX-T. Its been thru a few changes sense I purchased it brand new in 2002. This version is a "bobber" and my first to date. I like to think that this bobber is the flag ship for my home business called GarageWrench. 

I have been wrenching Harley's sense I was 15 years old when I purchased my first one, a 1963 Panhead basket case (see previous post). I rode that chopper Pan to my senior year of high school. It was just the beginning. As the years past and the tooling piled up I opened up my first business called "Buck James Cycle Fabrication". The James is my cousin Jim "Mountain" Tharp, and we did engine and trans to full bike overhauls and all kinds of maitience together for eight years and called it quits. Very little of it was "fab work", all repairs. I always felt we had something special, just was stuck in that rutt, fixing other people's bikes. The experience was of great value, but missing that creative ability that I knew was there, and needed to be brought to the surface.

Now I'm 52 years old and with the exception of a couple year hiatus in the late 90's, I've done this garage wrench thing all my adult life. My regular occupation is a Heavy Duty Truck Mechanic. So ya see, wrenching is all I do and have done all these years. And now I have a new vision for the garage.

The chopper/bobber scene has brought a new sense of vitality and drive to what I always felt God had given me, the ability to fabricate and build one off choppers. Along with my son in law Verdun Chagnon and our good friend and brother Jamie Moore, we have started GarageWrench from my garage, and its exciting for all of us. With the support of our families and the exposure of the internet, we have a vision and a drive to do the best we can to build and create. 

The 2002 Bobber is just the beginning for GarageWrench, there is defiantly more to come!!

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